SYAN: Automation of your entire house could start form as low as ₹17,777. Please check our website to know more about our SYAN Package Offerings.

SYAN: We understand the concern and hence, you have the flexibility to start automating your house from as low as Rs 2,777 and add more devices as you like the experience we provide

SYAN: Many of our products are Do It Yourself products whereby its not even necessary to have an electrician at your house. Further, our products do not need any rewiring to be carried out and can be installed in less than 10 minutes

SYAN: We believe in offering quality products hence, we are proud to offer immediate product replacement in case of any quality issues

SYAN: Automation has been in vouge since long. Office automation and factory automation has been in existence since generations. Home Automation is a spin off concept of office automation using IoT technology