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Please note: These are automation devices only and not the Lights / Fans / TVs / ACs / Set-top boxes being provided in the packages

PLEASE NOTE: Installation through your local electrician with video guidance from SYAN.

Our 2 BHK Packages are custom made to suit the requirements of a typical 2BHK house. Our technicians will upgrade your house to a Smart Home within a couple of hours. 

Installation of your device can be done by ANY LOCAL ELECTRICIAN! #ItsThatSimple. 

These 2 BHK Packages include automation for:

Premium Enhanced  Signature
11 Lights/Switches/Fans 13 Lights/Switches 18 Lights/Switches
0 Fan Regulators 1 Fan Regulators 3 Fan Regulators
0 TV/Set-top Box/AC 1 TV/Set-top Box/AC 2 TV/Set-top Box/AC
1 Geyser 1 Geyser 2 Geyser

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Govind Sudarsan
      A true smart home

      The package, packing, delivery everything was perfect. Yashas also referred me to an experienced person in Chennai to help me fix this at my home and automate everything right from my fan, lights, AC, Geyser etc

      Gurbinder Singh
      Best in market

      I bought syan products 1 month ago,,there technical support is very good,,products are working fine and their application is too good,, best product is syan remote ,it works very good on atomberg fan,,switches are also solid

      Gurbinder Singh
      Syan is the future

      I know what are you thinking "its new brand ,unknown, should take risk or not" like me
      I bought recently 2 bhk standard package and i got amazed by their products, customer support and application
      Security feature of switches is addition to my Security...so far 5 star

      Simple and easy

      this was a really good call, i was scared first to buy the products but after i did, for the installation I called my local electrician after i showed him the product and installation video he told this is so easy and installed in in 2 hrs. i was very happy regarding the working and the features. Must buy to step up tech at home. RECOMENDED

      ch kameswara rao
      Just purchase and play

      These products are very good, easy to operate, quality of the products very good, perfect for villas and latest apartments and houses, good support from staff and management, installation and operation is very easy. Just purchase and play