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Please note: These are automation devices only and not the Lights / Fans / TVs / ACs / Set-top boxes being provided in the packages

PLEASE NOTE: Installation through your local electrician with video guidance from SYAN.

Our 2 BHK Packages are custom made to suit the requirements of a typical 2BHK house. Our technicians will upgrade your house to a Smart Home within a couple of hours. 

Installation of your device can be done by ANY LOCAL ELECTRICIAN! #ItsThatSimple. 

These 2 BHK Packages include automation for:

Premium Enhanced  Signature
11 Lights/Switches/Fans 13 Lights/Switches 18 Lights/Switches
0 Fan Regulators 1 Fan Regulators 3 Fan Regulators
0 TV/Set-top Box/AC 1 TV/Set-top Box/AC 2 TV/Set-top Box/AC
1 Geyser 1 Geyser 2 Geyser